Thursday, 15 May 2014

Learning @ Schools


There is also a online evaluation

10 expectations children have of what they learn 2learn. Org
caines arcade been an inspiration for other kids..project based learning

Ponoko design it and it gets sent to you

Showme. Marcus can teach something. Put it on wiki for others to learn

Wikitude. Augmented reality like the star thing. But it knows where you are and gives things of interest where you are

Breakout 1
Ministry of Education initiatives that support the implementation of the Managed Network (N4L)
Howard Baldwin

Enabling learning site defied prepare connect support pack for schools
Equipment through all of government can often be cheaper than the education price. (AoG) Google all of government for schools and sign up for it.
Eg buy phones and photocopy equipment

N4L includes filtering so don't need watchdog government will no longer pay for watchdog.
 Online version of elearning planning framework coming

Breakout 2
N4L workshop for educators: Getting the most out of Pond
Carolyn Stuart
Speak to principals about Creative Commons

Breakout 3
Connect your professional learning: How effective educators make the most of online social networks.
Catriona Pene
Jodie Woon NE teacher lots of iPads
VLN -set up a group for our school.
Enabling e-learning groups
VPLD apply as an individual one on one mentoring
NZCER accessing research best evidence synthesis
Oct in connected educator month
Blog against teaching criteria for registration. Label and have labels as word cloud. You can see what you need to work on.
Blog - another page with pd log

It's the how not the what

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